Saturday, May 24, 2014

Wedded bliss

Hi Friends,

What a wonderful weather is in TO today! It's warm and sunny, and trees are finally covered with leaves! I'm posting a card today that my mom's friend asked for. The occasion is her relative's wedding. I jumped right into it! I love weddings! It's soooooo great to see people happy together, filled with love, tenderness and true care for each other! It's a bliss and a real miracle to find your 'half", someone you feel deeply for, share your interests with, and cannot imagine your life without :-) Yeah, I get emotional at weddings :-) Hope this couple will enjoy their big day tomorrow and will like my little simple (but trust me, VERY sparkly!!) card. And to my all married friends out there: folks, keep loving and cherishing each other the way you did on your big day :-) love you all!!!

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