Wednesday, April 30, 2014

9 days to go!

Hi friends,

It is a rainy morning, here in Toronto... And windy...
Annie, dear, happy 33rd! There's just 9 days till your birthday! Hope your sweet anticipation grows :-)
I had sooo much fun creating this card! I think I used about 7 different inks and most of the leaf designs in the PTI leaf stamp set :-) Totally love the end result :-))) And it's a diversion from the hear theme, right? lol

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

10 days to go!

Hi Friends,

Last night I almost had a heart attack when I saw that my last week's card made it to the Facebook cover page of Kraftin Kimmie's Stamps! Thank you Kimmie, it's HUGE for me :-)

Now that I shared my fascinating news on getting a card of mine featured  (I'm still pinching myself trying to see if I'm dreaming!), I'd like to go back to my friend's Annie's birthday countdown :-) My dear, do you see how far your good influence goes? :-))))) Anyway, there's only 10 days left till your birthday, and happy 32nd! Hope you have a very good and fruitful day today! Just be careful with the right amount of the first line of the card's sentiment :-)))

Monday, April 28, 2014

11 days to go!

Hi Friends,

I think I'm a tiny bit addicted to the hearts theme these days :-) can't help it - they seem to have invaded my craft room, and they're everywhere! Take my Saturday card with those wonderful cutout stemmy hearts, aren't those cute? I had no heart to toss the actual cutouts, instead I decided to use them for another clean and simple card. I took my mighty Copic markers, colored the stems and the hearts, and the card was pretty much done :-) Annie, there's just 11 days to go to your birthday, Happy 31st one!!! I'm in a panic mode at this point - what am I going to countdown to once this countdown is over?... I guess I'll just keep posting, but the motivation might not be the same... Anyway, here is my card today, and I'm entering it again into Simon Says Stamp! Wednesday challenge, which is Clean and Simple this week. Thank you for dropping by and have a great start of the week!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

12 days to go!

Hi Friends,

Woohoo, Annie, happy 30th birthday! There is only 12 days left till your birthday! Well, let me tell you - your fourth decade is going to be quite fascinating - a ton of travel, a ton of new experiences and a few very precious moments :-)))) Am I a great oracle, or what? :-))) So, my card today is just a showcase of how much heart warmth you are giving to those around you and that you do start each day with a grateful heart :-)  And there's 30 hearts in my card, one for each wonderful year :-) Enjoy!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

13 days to go!

Hi friends,

My countdown is almost complete, there is only 13 days to go to Annie's birthday! Happy 29th Birthday, dear! Hope you did not have any blues looking back at your 20s when you were celebrating your last year of your third decade :-) what to be blue about, right? University - check mark :-) Family - check mark :-) Job - check mark :-) Bright and wonderful future - double check mark :-) Life's great! Mwah!

Oh, I'm entering my card into Simon Says Stamp Wednesday challenge, which is Clean and Simple this week. My card looks clean and simple (let's just not go into the "cleanliness" and "simplicity" in terms of what it took me to make this card! I think this style requires a very different kind of mind to pull together a card; my brains HURT after this exercise!!), so here I go :-) Thank you for dropping by!

Friday, April 25, 2014

14 days to go!

Hi friends,

It's 14 days to go to Annie's birthday! Happy 27 &28 Birthdays, dear! The time is shrinking, I think... Well, it does fly by quite fast... Have a wonderful Friday!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

15 days to go!

Hi Friends,

Today is 15 days to go to Annie's Birthday (cannot believe it we're almost there!!!) Just two more weeks and my crafting marathon will be winding down... Annie, dear, I missed two previous days, but I kept counting in my head! Today's card is to celebrate your 25 & 26 Birthdays :-) My 27th BD card is upcoming!!! Hope to post it tonight :-)

And I've used Kimmie's Tara for this card. Because it was love at first sight with this stamp, I was totally excited that I finally got to colour it :-) I am submitting my creation to Kimmie's Wonderful Wednesday Challenge, which is Anything Goes this week.

Have a great day and thank you for dropping by!

Monday, April 21, 2014

18 days to go!

Hi Friends,

Happy Monday! I continue to play with the animal stamp set by Your Next Stamp :-) This snake is so adorable, I had to use it for my next card :-) My Chinese horoscope sign is Snake, so the card today is kind of me saying "you're the best" to my friend Annie, whose birthday is coming in 18 days :-) Happy 24th Birthday, Annie!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

19 days to go!

Happy Easter, Friends!!!

It's on of the days when you're reflective of what you're blessed with, and are grateful for everything in your life :-) I'm totally blessed with my supportive family, healthy kids and wonderful friends! And there's 19 days to go to my super great friend's birthday :-) Happy 23rd birthday, honey!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

20 days to go!

Hi Friends,

We're back to sunny weather, yay!!! My card today is done with one of the stamps from Your Next Stamp animal lines, and I absolutely love their simple and cute designs :-) Isn't this little elephant adorable and calling for hugs-hugs-hugs? :-) Annie, happy 22 Birthday! There's 20 days to go to your birthday! And a ton of hugs from me :-)

Friday, April 18, 2014

21 days to go!

Hi Friends,

Happy Easter! Our Friday weather is gloomy, to say the least... One of those days when you have to create your own sunshine to brighten up :-) And my card today is an attempt to do just that :-) bright yellow super-sized flower on a dark background :-) Annie, today we're exactly half-way through! There is only 21 days left till your birthday, and... Happy 21st Birthday! Hope it was just as fun and cheerful and exciting as the previous 20 :-))) Thank you for dropping by!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

22 days to go!

Hi Friends,

Today's card is a flower-power one :-) I love this image, though was very scared to start colouring it :-) I think, for the first attempt with a ton of red it worked out okay :-) Annie, happy 20th! There is 22 days to go to your birthday! We're half-way through my countdown :-) And you absolutely have to tell me what your 20th year was memorable for :-) Thank you for dropping by!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

23 days to go!

Okay, the countdown continues!!! Annie, it's 23 days to go to your birthday! We're back on track :-) Happy 19th, sweetie! It's interesting how thought processes go - I started this card with an idea of a sexy teenager having a blast at a party, and this is what I ended up with :-) Weird, eh?

18th Birthday

Hi Friends,

I need to re-think my time organization to make sure I'm allocating enough time to post my cards :-) It's always those few minutes that I fall short of... Annie, happy 18th Birthday! Hope it was absolutely spectacular! And the future was looking just as exciting as a train ride to the new unknowns :-)
Thank you for dropping by and have a lovely mid-week!

Monday, April 14, 2014

25 days to go!

Hi Friends,

It feels like spring is finally here, with its rains and thunderstorms :-) Happy Monday! Annie, it's 25 days till your birthday, and here is a card to celebrate your 17th birthday!
Thank you for dropping by!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

26 days to go!

And today is 26 days to go to Annie's birthday! Happy 16th, honey! This card is to commemorate your love to music and successful completion of your musical education! :)

15th Birthday

Hi Friends,

I missed a day yesterday with my countdown! There goes my commitment... Annie, here is a card for your 15th birthday, with a ton of cute cheer-leading chicks :-)

Friday, April 11, 2014

28 days to go!

Hi Friends,

Happy Friday!!! The weekend is just around the corner, and the weather forecast is fantastic! What can be better?!!! Annie, honey, happy 14th! There is 28 days to go to your birthday! I'm bringing the magic of flower power to cheer you up a tad! I know you're not a flower kind of a person, but I tried to bring them to a more "neutral" colour palette :-)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

29 days to go!

Good morning, friends!

I'm super-late for work today, so will be super-quick :-) Annie, happy 13th birthday! Here is you lucky clover :-) There is only 29 days left till your birthday :-)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

30 days to go!

Hi friends,

Midweek, we're getting close to Friday :-) Today is a 30-day countdown mark for Annie's birthday :-) Happy 12th, honey! Funny thing - I was colouring the image without really any deep meaning to it, and then I got to candles on the birthday cake, and counted them. Yep, you got it, 12 candles :-) Perfect for a 12th birthday, don't you think? Thank you for dropping by and have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

31 days to go!

HI Friends,

Today is 31 days to go to Annie's Birthday!!! Happy 11th, dear! I hope this card brings smile to your face :-) That tiny candy looks so yummy, it's really hard to resist, despite all our diet efforts :-)

Thank you for dropping by and have a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, April 7, 2014

32 days to go!

Hi Friends,

It's Monday, and the start of a new workweek :-) After my first energy boost, aka big mug of coffee, I"m ready to tackle the day! My card today is for Annie's 10th birthday and 32 more days to go to her real birthday. I think I'm drawn to the hues of red lately, and might play with them a little longer :-) Stamps, cardstock and ink are by Papertrey Ink. Happy Monday! Thank you for dropping by!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

33 days to go!

Hi Friends!

It's finally warm and sunny in Toronto, the spring is on us!!! Today's card is made with the assistance of a fantastic Iklat stamp set by Papertrey Ink. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it!!! I was born and raised in Central Asia, and the authentic design of Iklat stamps whispers "home" to my heart :-) I must confess here - I felt so strong about this stamp, I made about 5 different colours of this card :-) I will take a picture of them all and post here one day :-) My card today is to celebrate Annie's 9th Birthday and continue my little countdown - it's 33 days to go to your birthday, sweetie! And I'm entering my card into Simon Says Stamp's weekly challenge :-) Thank you for dropping by and have a wonderful springy Sunday!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

34 days to go!

Hi Friends,

Where is our spring? It seems lost... Another day with grey skies here, in Toronto... We'll surely survive, but, oh, how welcome the warm and sunny weather will be!!!!

Annie-honey, it's 34 days to go to your birthday, happy 8th!!! I hope the little fairy Pixie (that's her name!!!) will return you to the sweet&sunny memories of that year :-) I don't really remember myself at that age, but I quite vividly remember that I had a movie/entertainment park day with my peers on our own for the first time the summer I turned 8 :-) I had a coin wallet, absolutely full, and had spent every penny it contained :-) What a GREAT day that must have been, if I remember it decades later!! :-))))

And I'm entering my card to Simon Says Stamp Wednesday challenge, which is Happy Birthday theme this week. Thank you for dropping by and have a wonderful Saturday!!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

35 days and counting

Hi Friends,

It's FRIDAY!!! YAY!!! end of the work week! Hope you enjoy it!! My card today is clean and simple (well, took me about an hour to figure out stamp positioning), and I like the end result. I've seen the design on Pinterest one day, and thought it would be a breeze to replicate it, but... Anyway, Annie, it's 35 days to go to your birthday, and in continuation of our colour discussion yesterday, do you still think turquoise is more blue than green? Today's card is most definitely looking like "more  green" :-) Happy 7th, honey!

Oh, and I'm entering it into Simon Says Stamp Birthday challenge that's going on right now. Thank you for dropping by and have a wonderful, exciting Friday!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

36 days to go!

Hi friends,

Today I'm posting a summer card; I'm soooo looking forward to the sunny weather!!!! Half-year winter is a little bit too long, don't you think? :-) My card today celebrates Annie's 6th birthday, with just 36 days to go to her actual birthday :-) Happy 6th, honey!

And I'm entering today's card into Simon Says Stamp Weekly Challenge (this week it's a Birthday Card, yay!!!) and into Mo's biweekly challenge, which is currently "K is for...". My card is "K is for KID", so there :-) I made it! :-) There is still time to enter both challenges, and the ideas are flying into my head... I need more of "K" and definitely more of BD cards :-)) Thank you for dropping by and have a great mini-Friday today :-)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

37 days to go

Hi friends,

It's a brand new day, a brand new grey sky and the same old me :-) Annie, dear, there's 37 days to go to your birthday, and I wanted to give you this little magical fairy to make all your wishes come true! Just close your eyes, take a breath in, and WISH!!! She'll make it happen, I promise :-) Happy 5th, by the way :-)
This card is a one-layer one, the first ever for me :-) and I totally love it! :-)))))

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

38 days to go

Hi friends,

Today I have a pretty simple card, using a combination of Spellbinders' and PTI dies and stamps. I love PTI's balloons, they bring a smile on anyone's face :-) Annie, happy 4th birthday, there's just 38 days to go!!!

I did find my little photo studio and set it up last night, so now I think I'm a bit more comfortable with the light& colours, yet need to figure out how to play with camera and Photoshop a tad more :-) And here is my card :-) Thank you for dropping by, and have a wonderful Tuesday!